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All digital artworks are printed on professional artist paper and framed under glass  (20 x 20 cm). Other sizes also available.
All prints are a limited edition (numbered to 100)


Water Country

Water - a timeless symphony of life's enduring flow that symbolises purity, renewal, and holds profound spiritual meaning, representing a source of life and a connection to ancestors. 

Murul - Worimi Sandunes

Description: This abstract representation of sand dunes in yellows, conveys the essence of desert landscapes through form, colour, and texture.

It transports viewers into a vibrant and dynamic representation of sea Country dunes. The digital image is filled with a symphony of yellows, captures the essence of the arid landscape through its abstract interpretation. The dominant colour palette of various shades of yellows creates a sense of warmth and radiance, resembling the sun-kissed sand. The yellows transition from pale, sun-bleached tones to deep, golden hues, providing depth and dimension to the composition. The artwork employs bold and sweeping brushstrokes, layering textures to emulate the undulating patterns of the sand dunes. These brushstrokes vary in intensity and direction, mimicking the rippling movement of sand blown by the wind across the desert terrain.

Garrigarrang- Sea Flow

Description: In this artistic representation, the concept of  sea flow emerges through rhythmic patterns of greens and blues, evoking the movement and tranquility of ocean winds. Swirling patterns of varying shades of greens and blues cascade across the canvas, mimicking the gentle flow and undulating motion of the sea breeze. The colours blend harmoniously, creating a soothing visual melody that captures the cooling and refreshing essence of the coastal winds. The rhythmic patterns form a visual dance, conveying the sensation of the breeze as it rustles through foliage and ripples across the water's surface. 

Untitled_Artwork 57.jpg
Dharug River

Description: This black and white painting is inspired by the Dharug river that intricately weaves together Aboriginal symbols, depicting the essence of Country through significant signs and representations. The canvas portrays the meandering river, depicted as a flowing series of undulating lines, central to the scene. Along its banks are symbolic representations: figures gathered around a fire, denoting community and storytelling; circular motifs signifying communal gathering grounds; and imprints resembling animal tracks, acknowledging the presence and importance of animal in the landscape. This artwork serves as a visual narrative, encapsulating the cultural significance of the Dharug river and its surrounding landscapes, inviting viewers to contemplate the rich heritage and spiritual connection to Country.

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg
Coral Coast

Description: Infusing coral colours into the digital canvas brings forth a mesmerising palette, blending shades of warm peach, soft pink, and lively orange reminiscent of the breathtaking coral reefs. This design encapsulates the coastal allure, radiating a serene yet invigorating ambiance, inviting users to immerse themselves in a harmonious digital experience.

Untitled_Artwork 71.jpg
Yabun Bangawarra

Description: A captivating artwork that transports viewers into the mysterious depths of the ocean. The piece portrays an otherworldly scene of deep sea jellyfish floating gracefully in an abyssal expanse, their ethereal forms illuminated by bioluminescent hues.

The canvas captures an array of jellyfish, each with its distinct shape, size, and luminescence. Some jellyfish display translucent bells, pulsating gently with soft iridescence, while others possess elaborate trailing tentacles that emit a ghostly glow, casting an otherworldly light around them. The play of light within the artwork mimics the natural bioluminescence found in the deep sea, creating an enchanting interplay of colours that dance and shimmer across the jellyfish forms.

Wumara Shell

Description: This image showcases a seashell with elegantly curved lines, delicately depicted to emphasise its natural form. The shell's curves gracefully flow across the canvas, creating a sense of organic movement and subtle elegance. The subtle gradients and gentle transitions within the cream palette highlight the shell's contours and textures, imparting a dreamlike and ethereal quality to the depiction.

Untitled_Artwork 74.jpg

Walking Country

Walking with Country - experiencing the sensory encounters. The earth beneath, weathered and textured, tells tales of time passed - fostering a deep connection to the rhythms and pulse of Country. 

Ginyi - Old Country

Description: A contemplative portrayal of the natural occurrence of earth cracking, depicted through a subdued and delicate colour scheme primarily consisting of light creams and soft, muted tones. The canvas captures the essence of earth's fissures and fractures through gentle, almost ethereal, representations. Delicate lines and subtle cracks are intricately woven into the artwork, symbolising the geological processes of the earth's surface undergoing fragmentation. The cracks and fissures in the composition meander across the canvas, evoking a sense of movement and organic flow. The delicate lines intertwine and intersect, forming intricate patterns reminiscent of the natural formations found in the earth's crust. The artist employs a nuanced approach to texture, utilising techniques that create a tactile quality on the surface of the canvas. The design serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate beauty inherent in nature's transformative processes.

Untitled_Artwork 75.jpg
Sun Country

Description: An arrangement of curves, circles, and an interplay of vibrant colours. This piece is an immersive representation of the sun's warmth, energy, and luminosity. At the core of the artwork lies a series of concentric circles, each adorned with radiant hues that transition seamlessly from rich, fiery reds to brilliant oranges and shimmering yellows. These circles intertwine and overlap, creating a dynamic visual symphony that evokes the sun's radiant energy. The curves and arcs within the composition emulate the sun's celestial movements and the play of its fiery rays. The interlapping curves and circles within the artwork symbolise the cyclical nature of the sun's journey—its rise, its zenith, and its graceful descent. 

Untitled_Artwork 56[2] copy.jpeg
art-gallery-corridor-wall copy.jpg
Rock Country

Description: The dominant colours of red and yellow take centre stage, intermingling and blending to form the foundational backdrop of the artwork. These warm tones create a visual sensation akin to the sun setting over a rocky landscape, casting an atmospheric glow that permeates the entire scene.

Shapes within the artwork are bold and angular, mirroring the jagged contours of rock formations found in a rustic countryside. Some shapes emerge as if they are imposing cliff faces or weathered boulders, their surfaces adorned with rich red tones, hinting at the presence of iron oxides, while other shapes appear smoother, painted in vibrant yellows reminiscent of sunlit expanses. The composition employs a dynamic interplay of geometric forms and organic outlines, creating a harmonious balance between structured patterns and natural randomness. Splashes and streaks of red and yellow hues merge and diverge, suggesting a fusion of both the raw power of nature and the artistic interpretation of the landscape.

art-gallery-corridor-wall copy 2.jpg

Skin Country

The patterns and rhythms of Country. Observing the patterns, rhythms, and lifecycles within Country, the undulating waves of golden fields to the intricate veins of rivers mapping their way through the terrain, the land's surface embodies a rhythmic poetry of growth and change. 

Djirang - Living Leaf

Description: A meticulous and intricate microscopic illustration of a leaf's veins, depicted in a rich spectrum of browns through delicate and precise line patterning.The leaf's intricate venation, is an array of brown hues, ranging from light tans to deep chestnuts, interweave to form a labyrinthine network.The illustration unfolds with a series of meticulously drawn lines, varying in thickness and intensity, intricately following the leaf's veins.

The shades of brown used in the illustration provide a sense of depth and realism, capturing the nuances of light and shadow within the intricate veins. Subtle gradations and variations in colour and line work imbue the illustration with a sense of organic complexity and natural beauty.

Untitled_Artwork 68.jpg

Description: Capturing the scene of gum leaves decaying within the arid expanse of the Australian bushland. The image portrays a mosaic of muted browns, dusty ochres, and faded greens, signifying the leaves' transition from vitality to decomposition in the dry landscape. The fallen gum leaves, once vibrant and green, now bear the marks of decay, their edges curled and hues faded under the harsh sun. The depiction highlights the cycle of life within the bushland, portraying the beauty in the process of decay, where these leaves return to the earth, enriching the soil and contributing to the ecosystem's renewal. The artwork evokes a sense of stillness and reflection, encapsulating the raw beauty and resilience found within the Australian bushland, even amidst the process of natural decay and regeneration.

Untitled_Artwork 70.jpg
Decay and renewal

Description: The play of shadows cast by gum leaves filtering sunlight becomes the focal point of this design. The  interplay of light and dark, as the dappled sunlight filters through the gum leaves, casting intricate and shifting shadows upon the land. The leaves' silhouettes create a mosaic of patterns, gently overlaying the landscape in varying shades of light and shadow. The contrast between the sunlit patches and the shaded areas evokes a sense of tranquility and beauty in the natural world. This artwork celebrates the subtle dance of light and shadow created by the gum leaves, capturing the serene and enchanting ambiance of an Australian bushland illuminated by filtered sunlight.

Untitled_Artwork 58 copy 7.jpg
Wirriga - Gonna Skin

Description: Goanna skin holds significant cultural importance particularly in various aspects of cultural practices, including music, ceremonies, and traditional crafts. In cultural practices, the use of goanna skin was traditionally used in crafting drums and percussion instruments. The stretched skin was used to create the drum's surface, producing distinct tones and rhythms integral to ceremonial music and dances. The significance of Goanna skin  holds symbolic meanings -representing ancestral connections, strength, resilience, and spiritual ties to the land

Untitled_Artwork 72.jpg

Abstract Country

Seeing and being with Country. Transcending the confines of literal depiction, inviting viewers to engage with the intangible aspects of nature's beauty—its energy, resilience, and the unspoken stories woven into the fabric of Country. 


Description: In a mesmerising display, an abstract black and white swirl artwork takes on a three-dimensional form, captivating the viewer's imagination. The artwork creates an illusion of depth and movement through the intertwining swirls crafted in contrasting black and white tones. The dynamic interplay of light and shadow within the three-dimensional space accentuates the illusion of the swirling forms, lending an intriguing sense of depth and perspective. This striking portrayal invites a visual exploration, drawing the eye into a captivating vortex of contrasting tones and intricate patterns, evoking a sense of dynamic motion frozen in a moment of abstract beauty.

Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg
Weave Bangawarra

Description: An abstract composition that intricately weaves together a tapestry of abstract shapes in soft creams and light tones, inviting viewers into a serene and contemplative visual experience. These shapes intersect, overlap, and flow across the canvas, creating a sense of movement and unity within the composition. The subtle variations in shades add depth and dimension to the artwork, creating visual layers that engage the viewer's eye. It serves as a visual meditation, encouraging a moment of tranquility and harmony amidst the interplay of gentle shapes and soothing tones.

Untitled_Artwork 77.jpg
Oolgna Shell

Description: An intricate artistic representation that intricately weaves together open spaces to form a spiral pattern, depicting the elegance and structure of a shell in a monochromatic palette. The image portrays a shell in a black and white colour scheme, emphasising the contrast between light and dark tones. Using varying shades of black and white, allows the viewer to observe the play of light and shadow across its surface. Instead of solid shapes, the artwork comprises open spaces intricately woven together in a spiral formation, mimicking the natural pattern found in shells. The spiral design is formed by the interplay of negative and positive spaces, creating a sense of movement and rhythm within the composition. The open spaces within the spiral pattern reveal glimpses of the canvas, allowing for a sense of depth and creating an illusion of layers within the artwork.

Untitled_Artwork 67_edited.jpg
Weaving place

Description: An artwork involving threads leveraged by various digital tools and techniques. The piece invites viewers into a world of intricate thread-based visuals. The artwork features a seamless blend of browns and creams, mimicking the organic warmth of traditional thread work. However, instead of physical threads, The composition is a display of patterns, textures, and intertwining threads that create depth and movement within the artwork. Some threads appear as if they are delicately embroidered, while others cascade or intertwine in complex, ethereal formations across the digital canvas. Through the interplay of light and shadow, the browns and creams in the artwork evoke a sense of warmth and tranquility, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the intricacies within the digital tapestry.

Untitled_Artwork 79.jpg
art-gallery-wall---2 (1).jpg
Yarragul - Yellow

Description: Creating an abstract representation of sandstone cliffs using geometric shapes, bold textures, and a yellow/brown palette dominated by shades of yellow and gold. The use of angular and curved lines creates an illusion of depth and structure within the abstract form.

bee_Artwork 80.jpg
Narna Guwing -  Blanket

Description: A depiction of a bright coloured patchwork blanket of protection that represents warmth, comfort, The design captures the essence of a colourful and intricately designed quilt that serves as a guardian, evoking feelings of warmth and security. The colours utilised are bold and vivid, comprising an array of hues of radiant pinks, vibrant greens, and passionate purples. It serves as a visual embodiment of safety, warmth, and the interconnectedness of diverse elements coming together to create a unified source of comfort and protection. 

Nara 2.jpg
Narna Guwing -  Blanket

Description: The piece features a circular image, representing the continuous and eternal nature of Earth's existence. By applying a rich palette of natural hues against a back drop of oranges and earthen tones -  colours flow and meld together, suggesting the rhythmic cycles inherent in nature. The circular motion and fluidity of the composition symbolise the interconnectedness of life and the ever-revolving cycle of seasons, growth, and renewal.

Untitled_Artwork 76.jpg
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